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Ti-Pi is an artist-run project space, founded by artist and curator Mathias Vico Persson. Ti-Pi is dedicated to artistic research and exposure. We were initially based in Paris, under the name Transient Projects To People (TPTP), and later working Internationally in a nomadic manner. In the spring of 2022, we re-emerged as Ti-Pi in Ghent, Belgium in partnership with Monumento

On two floors of an abandoned building near Dampoort Station, the space functions as a workspace for visiting artists, and we sporadically host art exhibitions, workshops, screenings, and artists' talks.

In May and June 2022, Ti-Pi was hosting its first exhibition featuring 13 local and international artists. The proceeds from the online exhibition was earmarked to support Ukrainian artists and art professionals impacted by the war. We do not have a fixed program, but host visiting artists, Open Studios, and approximately two large exhibitions per year.

In partnership with



Repurposing heritage has the power to connect the past and present in exciting, unexpected ways.

Monumento's atypical approach to repurposing revolves around turning a cultural vision into a definitive reality. Every temporary redevelopment is a success thanks to a healthy mix of cross-pollination, incorporating relevant social themes and community input. The adaptive reuse of monumental real estate is a highly topical discipline in its own right, requiring that just the right balance is struck between sustainably preserving cultural-historical values and implementing the fine-tuning necessary to ensure current prerequisites are met.  

Monumento is resolutely committed to a balanced dialogue between heritage elements and thoughtful contemporary additions.


Meet the team

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Matthias Vico Persson

Founder of Ti-Pi


Caroline Staessens

Director of Monumento

Ti-Pi Jeannette_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

Jeannette Fuentes

Graphic and Web Designer

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Johannes Kämper

Curatorial Assistant Ti-Pi

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Read more about the Ti-Pi project and the team on our Instagram Page. 


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Koopvaardijlaan, 3 – 9000 Gent

1 min walk from Dampoort Station / 15 min walk from Vrijdagmarkt

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