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The Most Sunny Hour of Your Night will initially be held online and feature 13 artworks by 13 different artists. Funds raised from the online exhibition will be donated to support victims of the war in Ukraine. 

The exhibition will then be presented in a larger physical form, with additional works by the same artists, in an abandoned building near Dampoort Station in Ghent, Belgium, which has generously been made available through Monumento.


While our mission is to always create lively and visually strong experiences for our community, we also feel compelled to, within the range of our possibility, aid artists and art professionals whose lives are torn apart by the war. All raised funds from the online exhibition will go to organizations that are in close contact with those affected. We hope that you feel driven to do the same, and are invited to join us for both online and physical exhibitions.


We believe no country’s existence should ever be questioned and that no one should ever be forced to flee their homes in such inhuman circumstances. In war, there are no winners.


Special thanks to

Catarina Cruz
Erik Van Belleghem
Filip Bogaert
Florian Van De Voorde

Miruna Suru
Marco Cavia 
Ruta Fridrihsone

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