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Ideas of Something Vivid
Jelle Spruyt
Toon Jans
Jonas Vanderbeke

Group exhibition 

Vernissage: 25 August 2023: 6 p.m. to 10 p.m.
The exhibition continues until 10 September.


Artworks in the photos above:
Jelle Spruyt, Toon Jans, Jonas Vanderbeke.

Welcome to Ideas of Something Vivid — an exhibition that brings together the works of three distinct artists who engage with vividness in surprising ways: Jonas Vanderbeke, Toon Jans, and Jelle Spruyt.

Passionate about the vastness of nature, the beauty and symbolism of flowers, and the rich complexity of botanical structures, each of the three artists invites us to look...To really look, and to look again.

Through their unique perspectives and creative processes, Jonas, Toon, and Jelle invite us to reconsider the familiar and venture into the uncharted and ephemeral aspects of beauty, memory, and nature.

Download the exhibition text here: 


Download the list of works here: 


Ti-Pi is an artist-run project space dedicated to artistic research and exposure. We were initially based in Paris, under the name Transient Projects To People (TPTP), and later working internationally in a nomadic manner. In the spring of 2022, we re-emerged as Ti-Pi in Ghent, Belgium in partnership with Monumento.

We do not have a fixed program, but host visiting artists, Open Studios, and approximately two large exhibitions per year.

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