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Marlon Wobst

Marlon Wobst Ti-Pi.jpg

Pineapple Man by Marlon Wobst

To mark the ending of Marlon Wobst's residency, this exhibition shows new felt works made at Ti-Pi.

Initially a painter, Marlon easily shifts between various techniques. During his residency at Ti-Pi, he mainly focused on felt-making, a medium Marlon discovered approximately five years ago.

Whether painting, making ceramic, or felting, Marlon’s work often depicts simple situations of everyday life:
intimate body representations with an undertone of warmth, desire, and longing. The use of pastel colors makes the works appear soft and innocent, and the muted shades add a sense of distance and anonymity to these otherwise private and intimate situations.

The end-of-residency exhibition features more than 15 new felt works in various sizes displayed in the exhibition rooms as well as in the large atelier space in the attic. Additionally, Marlon's studio space also stays open during the exhibition, with numerous drawings and watercolors shown. 

Marlon is based in Berlin, and he is represented by Galerie Maria Lund in Paris and Schwarz Contemporary in Berlin. This is the first time he exhibits in Belgium.

The Ghent Feltings

28 – 29 Sept 2022


Photo by Michiel Debussere.

Marlon Wobst small man at Ti-Pi.jpg

Untitled work by Marlon Wobst

The Jump by Marlon Wobst


Ehibition view Pineapple Man by Marlon Wobst at Ti-Pi Art Space
Photo by Michiel Debussere.


Neuordnung by Marlon Wobst

Photo by Michiel Debussere.


Name of the artwork

Wettkampf by Marlon Wobst


Installation photo showing detail of the work Date Night by Marlon Wobst. 

Photo by Michiel Debussere.


Service by Marlon Wobst


Installation view, untitled works by Marlon Wobst. 
Photo by Michiel Debussere.

Marlon Wobst Portus Ganda

Portus Granda by Marlon Wobst

Marlon Wobst 1.jpg
Marlon Wobst 2.jpg

Untitled work by Marlon Wobst

Untitled work by Marlon Wobst


From left to right: Marlon Wobst, Maria Lund, Mathias Vico Persson, Niek Steenhuis.
Photo by Michiel Debussere.

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